The Constrictai are one of the five Serpentine tribes that once inhabited Ninjago, until they were cast down into five seperate tombs.

Biology and CharecteristicsEdit

The Constrictai were the most muscular of all the tribes, as well as the shortest in stature. The General and Warrior -- Skalidor and Bytar -- both have large, oversized heads with half a dozen blunt horns. The Constrictai have the power of constriction, (They are based on boa constrictors) and are connected to the element of Earth. They are swift tunnelers, and masters of the stealthy approach. Once they have hold of you, they never let go, unless you manage to relax your muscles, thus allowing you to slip from their scaley grasp; or you can play the Magic Flute. Once grabbed by them, even if you free yourself, you will not be able to breathe properly until you drink the Antivenom in the Staff. Their favored weapons are hammers, pickaxes, axes, and flails. While they are the strongest, they are also the stupidest, often being tricked with fancy words or whity arguments. 


The Constrictai once ruled Ninjago with the other tribes, until they were shut away in a Tomb at the top of the Mountain of a Thousand Steps. When Pythor P. Chumsworth freed them, they all journeyed to the Toxic Bogs to ambush the Ninja Kai and Jay (Skalidor stayed behind to take care of Cole and Zane). They then journeyed to the desert to populize the newly unearthed City of Ouroboros. It was here that Skalidor lost his Staff to Pythor, along with the other three. When Pythor died, (courtesy of the Great Devourer) the Constrictai followed Skales until they were drafted, along with the other Serpentine, into the service of Lord Garmadon aboard the Destiny's bounty. Later, while attempting to undemine Ninjago City, the Constrictai and the other Serpentine discovered the Stone Army, which they fought. Then the tunnel entrance sealed behind them, trapping the Constrictai and the other Serpentine underground once more. 

Staff and SymbolEdit

The Constrictai symbol is three chain links, going around in an endless circle (This refers to their constrictive abilities). The Staff was the same color and shape as the others, and its Antivenom could clear a victim's windpipe after constriction.