Dsc 3160


is the blue ninja of lightning. He has a crush on Kai's sister, Nya. Jay is funny and neat. He likes to talk, and he talks a lot. He also likes to invent. Jay was the first of the four ninja to unlock Spinjitzu. Jay (like the other ninja) has had many different forms.

Jay's forms (in chronilogical order):

  1. Jay
  2. Jay DX
  3. Kendo Jay
  4. Jay ZX
  5. NRG Jay
  6. Kimono Jay (current)

Jay and the other ninja have fought a lot together. They fought the Skeletons, Serpentine, Lord Garmadon, the Great Devourer, and the Overlord. The ninja have been through a ton together.

Jay has a very outgoing and fun personality. He is playful, cheerful, and funny!